The Somerset Foundation is alive and well in Guatemala! Our work here is extensive and highly impactful.

In Zacapa, the Somerset Foundation plans to start a learning center. We have the building already but we do need to modify to create classrooms. The clinic in Pueblo Modelo must be completed in 2016 but is doing good! In Teculutan, we want to complete the computer room at the school. We have purchased the needed transformer and are waiting for the Mayor to approve all the work to complete fully. However, we need 3 more transformers - 75 KVA for the area of El Remolino to assist that area with power. The mayor has donated land to us so that we can build a day care for the abandoned babies. This is needed since little 6 year old kids take care of babies up to 5 year olds. We estimate the project to cost $65,000 including desks, bathrooms so kids we can take baths, closets, storage, tables and chairs. In Chispan Jaral, the well has not been able to be dug because the equipment cannot dig so deep.

Guatemala In 2016: At A Glance

We would like to increase our Garden Project: It is producing and we would like to expand it to be most productive. We are also supporting a place of worship in the mountains where the director's house is in need of repair. We need to repair this house. The estimate for repairs is approximately $5,000. In Chiquimala, we have ordered 65 bunk beds we from China. We plan to help this center to be more comfortable for the people that are being treated there. We plan to paint and fix as much as we can. Each bunk bed (2 beds) is $65 plus freight. We plan to distribute at least 2,000 bibles during the 2016 year.