IRAQ: Terror Next Door

This country are undergoing great challenges given the terrorist threat and civil wars. Education & humanitarian aid are still our focus here.

The epicenter of ISIS destruction in Iraq is Mt. Sinjar is where the infamous massacre happened in August 2014. This is the local school building destroyed by ISIS, which the Mayor offered us to fix and begin classes. However, the reconstruction of this school is a major undertaking. Therefore, we are investing in durable mock classroom tents as shown. One reason that many NGOs and schools are NOT building in Sinjar is due to the close proximity which ISIS militias are to this area of impact but we believe that the most powerful way to resist radical Islamic terrorism is to continue living life despite the fear of injustice and hate. With the help of Somerset Foundation, school will soon be the new reality for many kids.

The Solution: Immediate Foundation

One very important and basic relief for the refugees is to provide basic elementary school through high school. Kids have been out of school for 1.5 years. Therefore, we must begin We have started the preliminary due diligence to move forward with this project. The Somerset Foundation was pleased to have spoken to the Mayor of Mt. Singar and he has approved our plan to eventually restore the destroyed school and begin with constructing the temporary school building! We have obtained some drawings from an elementary school that was started in another refugee camp located a few hours away, in Erbil, Iraq.

2016: At A Glance

• Open the school on Mt. Singar as soon as possible to get children in class. • Help the people with food and necessary items, bedding, clothing, etc. • We would like to plan a medical mission. We have spoken to the health ministry in Duhok and he will assist us during this time. This is much needed. • We would like to see if we can bring new testaments and distribute them.

Education is Happening: Refugees Return BECAUSE of School

Approximately 50 families have returned back to their communities. According to them, this is the most promising opportunity they have in the current situation. Somerset Foundation is pleased to share that a temporary school is currently being opened and the number of the children students is increasing daily. Approximately, 50 families have returned back to their communities According to them, this is the most promising opportunity they have in the current situation. Offering primary and a secondary school according to Iraqi School system grade 1-12 are now being offered! This is the first Arabic school that has been opened and it is officially authorized to be opened by the ministry of Education in Baghdad. Until, Somerset Foundation committed to the school project, these students would be entering their 3rd year absent from the education process. Because of this, the Kindergarten average is 9 instead of 6. Yet, we believe beginning temporarily and saving time is essential.

Pictured above is the simple stationary for the pupils. Next, we will buy more desks and also fix the rest rooms. This is most pressing. 500 current student have signed up altogether. Water is still an issue which we are actively seeking solutions with the locals.